Veterinary Fertility Technologies offers a frozen semen storage facility where you could safely store your frozen samples. 

Liquid nitrogen levels of storage flasks are monitored daily to ensure safe storage of frozen samples. Although every effort (including security) is taken to ensure that semen is stored professionally, semen are stored at the owner’s risk. Insurance is the owner’s own responsibility, unless any member of VFT or a member of staff, can be proved to have acted in a negligent manner.  

Transport of frozen semen to other clinics and/or semen storage facilities must be arranged by the owner, upon which a written request and authorization will be required. No release of frozen semen will commence if client accounts are not in good standing. VFT will not be liable for any damage/losses to frozen semen resulting from improper handling and/or transportation procedures once the frozen samples are released to person/storage facility as instructed by the owner. Transfer expenses to and from VFT is the owner's responsibility.  

Storage fees are payable in advance annually. Annual fees are calculated from the date on which semen is received at the VFT bank, irrespective if some or all straws are withdrawn during the above-mentioned period;

The account-holder is deemed to be the owner of the material stored under their name and is the only entity authorized to enter into transactions regarding this material;

Although every effort is made using current techniques and standard practices, subsequent conception rates of any semen that is frozen or received by either VFT or any other party cannot be guaranteed.

Any confidential information generated in the course of the performance of a contract will be treated as such.


1. How long can frozen straws by stored?

In our experience frozen semen stay viable indefinitely given that frozen storage facilities maintain liquid nitrogen flasks and levels professionally and on a routine basis.  

2. How do I withdraw and transfer the frozen semen to a veterinarian for insemination?

Only the account-holder or the bearer of a written authorization form completed and signed by the account-holder may remove material from VFT. 

Delivery and collection of material may only be done during normal office hours and by appointment made at least 24 hours in advance