Semen is routinely collected for semen evaluation and artificial insemination purposes. Individual studs differ in their responsiveness towards semen collection. Other than those that are easy to collect, aggressive and/or nervous studs and those with poor libidos routinely lead to poor semen collection attempts. The presence of a bitch in heat might elicit interest in the male to facilitate an erection and semen collection.

Various factors determine whether the semen is of adequate quality for artificial insemination purposes. Macroscopic examination on the volume, color, viscosity and smell of the semen and microscopic examination on the sperm pH, cytology, individual motility, sperm concentration and morphological defects are routinely performed.

A normal ejaculate routinely contains 70-80% of motile sperm with at least 75% normal morphology. 

Please note that although some donors’ semen are of excellent quality prior to freezing, it could still result in a poor quality frozen sample. Poor quality semen will always be worse off after freezing and thus not worth pursuing preservation of such samples.


1. How often should a semen evaluation be performed?

Although all collected semen batches are evaluated prior to semen freezing, it is recommended that a stud's semen be evaluated annually (or within short intervals prior to service) as the stud's fertility may change due to number of reasons.