A breeding soundness evaluation (BSE) is advisable to confirm the fertility status of a stud prior to purchase or sale; to confirm the quality of a studs' semen prior to fresh artificial insemination or to determine if the semen is suitable for freezing. Studs that consistently impregnate 80% of bitches followed by normal sized litters could be considered as fertile. Sub-fertility is normally associated with either: poor sperm motility, reduced sperm counts, poor sperm morphology or a combination of these parameters. It is advisable for breeders to insist on a thorough reproductive soundness examination and recent signed breeding soundness evaluation certificate from a registered veterinarian before purchasing a stud. The certificate should include examination of the testes, epididymides, spermatic cords, prostate, penis and prepuce, a general health check and semen evaluation. Further examinations may include tests for Rabies, Canine Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, Leishmania and foreign cells identification; especially as a requirement for export to other countries.  


1. How often should a breeding soundness evaluation be performed?

A thorough breeding soundness evaluation is compulsory on day of semen collection should batch of frozen semen be intended for export purposes.  

It is further recommended that a stud's semen be evaluated annually as the stud's fertility may change due to number of reasons.