• Veterinary Fertility Technologies (VFT) officially opened on 16 September 2015 (Registration No. 2015/325985/21) after taking over management of Veterinary Fertility Services (VFS), originally founded by Prof. Pete Irons.
  • We provide a wealth of experience in canine, bovine, equine, ovine and caprine semen technologies (examination, evaluation & cryo-preservation) and have close working relationships with several local reproduction specialist veterinarians. 
  • VFT offers reliable and safe storage facilities for your frozen semen samples. 
  •  We are committed in offering a service of the highest quality to the breeders and have confidence in our competence and reliability to continue our services at the same or even higher standards than have been the case to date.  
  • Many clients benefit from our import/export support services that include providing regulatory and requirement information of various countries, permit applications, state veterinary authorizations and customs clearance.
  • Local (chilled and frozen semen) and international shipment of frozen semen samples forms part of our daily routine.